Hair Scissors TONDEO OREA Offset

Hair Scissors OREA


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All at a glance
Shape Offset
Steel stainless chromium steel
Scissors size 6.0"
Color silver
Cutting edge / blade Super-Slice, dagger blade
Left-/right-handed right
Surface polished
Weight 54g
Special features angled thumb ring
Screw connection comfort

Hair Scissors OREA

Hairdressing Scissors TONDEO OREA

The hairdressing scissors TONDEO OREA are a sturdy, multitalented model that proves their qualities in any situation in the salon. From creative slice cuts to fine work, the OREA, part of the E-Line, is an ergonomic all-around hairdressing scissor model. Designed for discerning hairdressers, since these dependable hairdressing scissors are guaranteed to help with everyday work in the salon. The E-Line lets you give your creativity free rein, since these scissors can be used for any kind of haircut. The OREA is part of the established OREA series. We also offer the matching texturing scissors TONDEO OREA (35), which are also available to purchase from our online shop.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The super-slice cutting edge with very small cutting angle enables perfect slice cutting. Extreme hollow grinding of the convex scissor blade gives the OREA a very smooth cutting feel. The dagger blade adds further precision to your cut results and makes the hairdressing scissors more stable. This means maximum comfort is maintained when working with even thick sections of hair.

Steel and Surface

The hardened, stainless chromium steel used for the OREA is unalloyed with nickel and ensures lasting sharpness. It is forged in the “Solinger Sonderschmelze” style. The hairdressing scissors are polished by hand, and their gleaming surface finish gives them a high-end look. The gold-tone screw of the OREA is a true eye catcher.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

We offer the OREA in three sizes: 5.0”, 5.5”, and 6.0”. The classic handle shape is outstanding for fans of classic hairdressing scissors and techniques. The offset shape enables relaxed working. Angled thumb ring ensures the utmost in ergonomics. Removable finger rest enables flexibility and hold. The ride is finely polished for extremely smooth cutting action. Thanks to the comfort screw, hairdressers can adjust the hairdressing scissors to meet their individual needs. Perfect for any situation.

Products Included

The OREA comes with the care oil TONDEO DROP PEN OIL to keep your hairdressing tool working smoothly for you for a long time. Regular care keeps the scissor cutting action effortless and smooth. Each order also includes finger rings to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping from the user’s hand.


  • All-around hairdressing scissors for everyday work in the salon
  • Super-slice cutting edge and dagger blade
  • Polished finish surface with gold-tone screw as eye catcher
  • Comfort screw system
Hair Scissors OREA
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