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All at a glance
Shape Offset
Steel Kugellager Stahl
Scissors size 6.0"
Color silver
Cutting edge / blade Ultra-Slice-DGT, convex blade, dagger blade
Left-/right-handed right
Surface polished finish
Weight 49g
Special features forged finger rest , Xtrem manufacturing process
Screw connection comfort


Hairdressing Scissors TONDEO CRAENE

The hairdressing scissors TONDEO CRAENE in size 6.0” offer a whole new dimension in ergonomics! The CRAENE supports the professional hairdresser’s hand posture ergonomically while offering great versatility. Individual slice and point techniques and a precision cut are child’s play with these ergonomic hairdressing scissors. The CRAENE catches the eye immediately thanks to its unusual design. Our S-LINE encompasses unique scissors with superior quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The curved upper dagger blade supports working on contours, while the flat, convex lower blade enables precision cutting close to the skin. The ultra-flat cutting angle of the DGT cutting edge with Xtrem production method means the CRAENE achieves superior sharpness.

Steel and Surface

The highly hardened ball bearing steel, unalloyed with nickel, is of top-notch quality, so the CRAENE is ultra-durable. The polished finish and sealed surface give these hairdressing scissors a sophisticated, high-quality look.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

The elegantly curved crane design blade promotes relaxed posture while working. The curved blade requires the merest twist of the wrist and lift of the arm to bring the cutting edge into a horizontal cut position. This eases strain on the shoulder joint. The special recessed grips also permit a flexible grasp of the scissors and finger positioning. The integrated finger rest and ergonomically shaped rings offer additional grip and comfort. Thanks to the comfort screw, the hairdresser can set the smooth cutting action individually to accommodate any preferences. Decide according to your preferences.

Products Included

Our S-LINE hairdressing scissors come with the TONDEO DROP PEN OIL care oil for the screw system. This helps you make sure the cutting action stays effortless and smooth. Finger inserts are included to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping out of the user’s hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our CRAENE.


  • Hairdressing scissors with a curved, ergonomic shape
  • Support the stylist’s posture in day-to-day work in the salon
  • Versatile, excellent for many cutting techniques
  • Individually adjustable comfort screw
  • Top-notch quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades

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