Each pair of TONDEO hairdressing scissors is a high-quality, unique piece that is handmade in our factory. We rely on master craftsmanship and innovative technology. To ensure that you can rely on your TONDEO hairdressing scissors for a long time, it is essential that they are re-sharpened by TONDEO. All scissors are re-sharpened in our Solingen factory and original parts are replaced as required. This is how you maintain the high TONDEO quality of your scissors.

The necessary work is done by our trained  and qualified specialists who have the necessary know-how. Before your scissors leave our factory, we check every last detail - cutting ease, operating quality - just as carefully as we do with our new scissors. Scissors quality "Made in Solingen".


Overseas, please contact your wholesaler, who will forward your scissors to us.

Service-Hotline +49 212 / 6586-25


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