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Thinning Scissors TONDEO BUTLER (46)

Thinning in Absolute Top Form

The thinning scissors TONDEO BUTLER are perfect for classic men's haircuts. Transitional cutting, shaping or trimming and shaping the beard are easy with the BUTLER. Both the barber and the professional hairdresser will be thrilled. The BUTLER as an integral part of the BARBER'S TOOLBAR relies on a timeless design and years of loyalty. They were designed specifically for barbers by a team of experts and are distinguished as a high-quality tool with a longstanding tradition. The BUTLER is also available from our online shop as hair scissors.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The thinning scissors have 46 teeth with prism for optimum cutting quality. The other scissor blade has a polished slice cutting edge. Hollow grinding of the convex blade of the scissors gives the hairdressing scissors a smooth feel when cutting. High-quality, stable workmanship makes the BUTLER durable and reliable.

Steel and Surface

The hardened, stainless chromium steel used for the BUTLER is unalloyed with nickel and ensures lasting sharpness. Each pair is crafted in the “Solinger Special melted mass” style. The hairdressing scissors are polished by hand, and their gleaming surface finish gives them a high-end look. The black comfort screw gives the hairdressing scissors a classic look befitting their classic shape.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

The classic handle shape is outstanding for fans of classic hairdressing scissors and techniques. The removable finger rest provides ergonomic support for the hand. The optimal blade-to-blade ratio ensures an even balance and makes the thinning scissors fit comfortably in the hand. Comfort screw lets professional hairdressers adjust the scissor tension to suit their individual preferences. In this way, the BUTLER adjusts to meet the barber’s needs.

Products Included

Our TONDEO hairdressing scissors include a special care oil to keep your hairdressing tools performing well over time. The screw system requires good care to keep the cutting action smooth. Each order also includes finger rings to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping from the user’s hand.


  • Classic thinning scissors with 46 teeth for men's haircuts
  • Optimal for modelling hair transitions
  • Comfort screw system
  • Polished finish surface with black screw as eye catcher
  • Care oil included
All at a glance
Shape Classic
Steel Chrome stainless steel
Scissors size 6.25"
Color silver
Serration Teeth with prism
Left-/right-handed right
Surface polished finish
Weight 50g
Cutting edge / blade Slice
Screw connection comfort
»With it’s classical shape, the BUTLER reminds me of the good old times of the men’s cuts. The latest technology for precise cutting. BUTLER is the men's scissors for me.«

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