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Hairdressing Scissors TONDEO CENTURY SLICE

The hairdressing scissors TONDEO CENTURY SLICE impress with their timeless, simple design that will last for decades. A hairdressing scissors classic for the quality-conscious hairdresser. The slim, light hair scissors can be used for many different hair cutting techniques for ladies' and men's haircuts. As part of the C-Line, the CENTURY SLICE proves to be a loyal companion in your salon's daily routine. From many points of view, it is a unique pair of hairdressing scissors for beginners. The TONDEO CENTURY range offers a wide assortment of practical hairdressing scissors and perfectly meets the needs of every hairdresser. Complementary to the CENTURY SLICE, we also offer the hairdressing scissors CENTURY MICRO or the texturing scissors CENTURY with 36 teeth with prismatic serration in our online shop.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The CENTURY SLICE has a polished slice edge that is wonderfully suitable for all cutting techniques. The convex cutting blade with its slim shape ensures optimum access to the hair. The hollow grinding gives the hair scissors a soft cutting feel and the small cutting angle makes for easy slicing.

Steel and Surface

Made of nickel-unalloyed, hardened and stainless chromium steel, the CENTURY SLICE hairdressing scissors have the best prerequisites to accompany everyday hairdressing. They are made according to the "Solinger special melted mass", which makes them durable and of high quality. The satin finish gives the hairdressing scissors an excellent appearance. The CENTURY SLICE looks timelessly beautiful thanks to the glossy surface and its simple design makes it popular everywhere.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

The slim classic handle shape is wonderful for lovers of classic hair scissors and techniques. The Basic screw can be individually adjusted and the polished gear ensures a smooth movement of the scissors. The CENTURY SLICE is thus perfectly adjusted to the hairdresser and supports you diligently in your daily hairdressing routine. In addition, the removable finger hook provides flexibility and a comfortable working posture.

Products Included

Our CENTURY SLICE is of course supplied with a maintainence oil. Regular care keeps the hairdressing scissors well maintained and the movement of the scissors perfectly smooth. In addition, two finger rings are included to ensure a secure grip in your hand. In this way, you can easily prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping.


  • The classic hairdressing scissors for hair cutting techniques for men and women
  • Hairdressing scissors for beginners
  • Timeless design
  • Basic screw system
  • Included care oil and finger rings
All at a glance
Shape Classic
Steel stainless chromium steel
Scissors size 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 4.5
Color silver
Cutting edge / blade Slice
Left-/right-handed right
Surface polished
Weight 25g
Special features finger support surface
Screw connection Basic

Care is the be-all and end-all, both for scissors and for electrical appliances and knives. Read here how to maintain your tools sustainably.


Our professional sharpening service in Solingen brings your scissors back to their best. If you want to be able to rely on your TONDEO scissors for a long time to come, make sure you have them re-sharpened at TONDEO.


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