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All at a glance
Shape Classic
Surface polished finish
Weight 36g
Special features sub-zero hardening process, 2 short finger rests, also suitable for left- handed users
Serration large catch spaces, Guide tooth
Left-/right-handed right
Scissors size 6.0"
Color black, silver
Cutting edge / blade Tulip teeth
Screw connection comfort


Texturing Scissors TONDEO SUPRA TEXTURA (15)

The texturing scissors TONDEO SUPRA TEXTURA in size 6.0” allow you to achieve artful texturizing effects – efficiently and with ease. SUPRA hairdressing scissors are an elegant classic that reflects the passion for the craft of hairdressing. Our S-LINE encompasses unique scissors with superior quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades. The black details in its look make the SUPRA TEXTURA an immediate eye catcher. Visit our online shop to discover the other members of our SUPRA family as well. It offers a wide selection, including the matching texturing scissors SUPRA FASSON (42) and the thinning scissors SUPRA DOPPELEFFI.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The extra-large catch spaces and 15 tulip block teeth with supporting guide tooth mean that the SUPRA TEXTURA is perfect for ultra-smooth, dynamic texturizing. This makes entire haircuts a snap to achieve.

Steel and Surface

Thanks to the high-quality vanadium steel, you can use your texturing scissors on a long-term basis as well, since they ensure durability and long-lasting sharpness. The sub-zero hardening process makes the steel resistant to wear. The deep black screw and finger rest add visual appeal and function as true eye candy.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

The SUPRA scissors allow you to find the perfect hairdressing scissors for yourself. The classic handle shape is outstanding for fans of classic hairdressing scissors and techniques. The two shortened finger rests and classic form mean that the SUPRA TEXTURA scissors are also suitable as texturing scissors for left-handed users. Thanks to the comfort screw, the hairdresser can set the smooth cutting action individually to accommodate any preferences. Decide according to your preferences.

Products Included

Our S-LINE hairdressing scissors come with the TONDEO DROP PEN OIL care oil for the screw system. This helps you make sure the cutting action stays effortless and smooth. Finger inserts are included to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping out of the user’s hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our SUPRA TEXTURA.


  • High-quality texturing scissors with superior cutting properties
  • Ultra-smooth, dynamic texturizing
  • Large selection of SUPRA scissor models
  • Individually adjustable comfort screw
  • Durable and resistant to external influences
  • Top-notch quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades
Ralf und Birgit Nusskern
»We, Ralf and Birgit Nusskern have been cutting hair for 30 and 20 years respectively, using SUPRA scissors. The SUPRA Tulip is ideal for removing large volumes at speed. It ensures a very smooth process and very rational operation. And is great fun to use.«

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