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All at a glance
Shape Classic
Surface polished finish
Weight 41g
Left-/right-handed right
Scissors size 6.0"


The TONDEO SUPRA DOUBLE EFFI Effacing Scissors in size 6.0" are doubly convincing! It is indispensable in the daily salon routine of a professional hairdresser. It is perfect for texturising and creates voluminous haircuts. The SUPRA is an elegant classic that reflects the passion for hairdressing. Our PREMIUM COLLECTION includes unique scissors in superior quality from the blade city of Solingen. The SUPRA immediately catches the eye with its black details in the look. Discover the rest of our SUPRA family in our online shop. It offers a wide selection - for example, the matching SUPRA hair scissors.

Cutting edge and blade
The concentrically lasered WAVE teeth are equipped with prisms on one side and an integrated cutting edge on the other. With their teeth on both sides, the catching spaces are doubled, providing plenty of room for the hairs that are not cut off. The high-quality cutting edges have an extreme sharpness and are suitable for soft transitions and quick thinning of longer hair. In addition, the SUPRA DOUBLE EFFI enables efficient cutting of wigs.
The scissors have been manufactured with CONBLADE technology, which gives the cutting edge a sensationally soft cutting feel due to an extreme hollow grinding of the extremely convex scissor blade.

Steel and surface
Thanks to the high-quality vanadium steel, you can use your hair scissors for a long time, as it ensures durability and long-lasting sharpness. The sub-zero hardening process makes the steel resistant to wear. The deep black screw and the deep black finger hook visually enhance the scissors and provide a beautiful eye-catcher.

Ergonomics and gait of the scissors
SUPRA scissors allow you to find the perfect pair of hairdressing scissors for you. The Classic handle shape is wonderful for lovers of classic hair scissors and techniques. Thanks to the two shortened finger hooks and the Classic shape, the SUPRA DOPPELEFFI is also suitable for use as effiliation scissors for left-handers. The removable finger hook provides more comfort. Thanks to the Comfort screw, the hairdresser can adjust the soft gait individually according to his or her wishes. Decide according to your preferences.

Scope of delivery
Our hairdressing scissors are supplied with TONDEO DROP PEN OIL for the screw system. This ensures that the scissor action remains effortless and smooth. Also included are the finger inserts to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hair scissors from slipping out of your hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our SUPRA DOUBLE EFFI.


  • High quality hairdressing scissors with best cutting properties
  • Two-sided serration for quick thinning of long hairstyles
  • Large selection of SUPRA scissor models
  • Individually adjustable comfort screw
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Best quality from the blade city of Solingen

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