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All at a glance
Shape Offset
Left-/right-handed right
Surface Design on silver / application
Weight 83g
Special features finger support surface, forged finger rest
Produkttyp Haarschere
Cutting edge / blade integrated cutting edge, convex blade, CONBLADE
Sizes 7.0
Steel Damaszener Stahl
Scissors size 7.0
Color silver
Händigkeit Rechts
Griffform Offset
Screw connection Ball-Gliding


Hairdressing Scissors TONDEO THOR DAMAST


The hairdressing scissors TONDEO THOR DAMAST is a distinctive piece. Incomparable toughness and durability, exceptionally pure steel, and a beautiful design to boot – if Thor, the god of thunder, had forged a pair of scissors with this hammer, this is how he would have made it! The THOR DAMAST is engraved with the Latin inscription 'Me fecit Solingen' (I was created by Solingen). The expression originates from the Middle Ages and was already engraved on swords and daggers as a seal of quality at the time. Quality from Solingen was something you could count on in terms of both sharpness and hardness!

Hurry up: The first hundred THOR DAMAST scissors models also have unique numbering.

Cutting edge and blade

The scissors were produced using CONBLADE technology, which gives the cutting edge a sensationally smooth cutting feel through extreme hollow grinding of the highly convex blade. The THOR DAMAST offers perfect cutting and slice properties due to superior stability and maximum sharpness. The convex scissor blade also features a razor-sharp integrated cutting edge and the tiniest cutting angle for perfect lasting sharpness.

Steel and surface

The THOR DAMAST consists of 100% Damascus steel, from the blade tip to the finger rings. Damasteel® is a patented type of steel from Sweden. Unique cutting capability is achieved through superior edge properties. The utmost in purity without inclusions. The ‚Thor Dekor‘ gives the hairdressing scissors an unique look.

Ergonomics and movement of the scissors

The finger rest and offset handle shape mean that the hairdressing scissors fit the hand ergonomically, ensuring a healthy and pleasant working posture. The ball-gliding-screw with ball bearing gives an extremely smooth cutting without play. It is adjustable in the finest increments using the ergonomic adjustment key. Top-notch quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades.

Products Included

Our high-quality hair scissors come with a care set for hairdressing scissors. The set includes scissor care oil for the ride. This helps you make sure the cutting action stays effortless and smooth. Also comes with a leather cloth to keep the scissors clean and in good working order. Finger inserts are included to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping out of the user’s hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our THOR DAMAST.


  • Premium hairdressing scissors with CONBLADE
  • 100% Damascus steel
  • Perfect slice and cutting properties
  • Individually adjustable screw
  • High-quality hand-polished finish; quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades
  • Includes handy care set, leather cloth, and finger inserts

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