SUPRA Pacific Blue


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SUPRA Pacific Blue


Clear the stage for the special edition SUPRA PACIFIC BLUE!
The ELEGANT CLASSIC among hair scissors, the TONDEO SUPRA OFFSET, will be available before Christmas as a SPECIAL EDITION in a highly attractive color variant:

The spotlight is on the SUPRA OFFSET PACIFIC BLUE 5.5 hairdressing scissors - high-gloss in a mysterious, dark deep blue - like the unfathomable vastness of the Pacific.

"PACIFIC BLUE" the new, elegant color edition with an allergy-neutral titanium nitride coating.

The SUPRA OFFSET PACIFIC BLUE impresses with its simple, fine design, its extreme sharpness and durability thanks to the smallest cutting angles and the highest quality vanadium steel.

Fine, precise cuts and soft contours are child's play for the harmonious SUPRA hair scissors in size 5.5. With its filigree, convex blade and fine shank, it allows particularly good access to the hair.

All at a glance
Shape Offset
Steel Ball bearing steel, Vanadium steel
Scissors size 5.5
Color blue
Produkttyp Haarschere
Screw connection comfort
Left-/right-handed right
Surface titanium coating
Weight 47g
Special features removable finger rest, sub-zero hardening process, allergy-neutral coating
Cutting edge / blade integrated cutting edge, convex blade
Individuelle Beratung

Hier finden Sie Ihren persönlichen TONDEO Berater, der Sie gerne in Ihrem Salon persönlich berät.


Tools for hairdressers. With its own character. Created in around 150 steps. Created to experience an incomparable cutting feeling - our TONDEO scissors.

SUPRA Pacific Blue

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