Scissors should be cleaned every day with an oil cloth. In the case of severe contamination, rinse the scissors under running water, then rub some scissor oil into the whole pair of scissors, including the cutting edges. Ideally wet the pivot point with a drop of scissor oil every day, so that operation and cutting remain good in the long-term. Keep the scissors safe and avoid loose screws to prevent from damage to points and cutting edges. Regular re-sharpening extends the lifespan of the scissors. Always have the scissors re-sharpened by TONDEO, as only we can bring the original sharpness with the original cutting edge angles back to the scissors.





Use a new blade for each customer for hygiene reasons. Rinse the razor itself daily under running water and disinfect it if necessary.




Care is necessary to maintain its running and cutting performance in the long term, since the battery performance is severely limited in case of contamination with hair residues. For this reason, you must remove the cutting plates every day and clean the interior as well as the cutting plates of the machine with the accompanying brush. The TONDEO hair clipper “Easy cleaning quick-change system" makes cleaning a lot easier as the cutting heads can be removed and replaced effortlessly. Regularly rub the cutting plates with machine oil so they remain smooth and work precisely.






Regular cleaning of the rear air filter is an absolute must with every hair dryer. Contamination obstructs proper air supply, the engine overheats and is damaged. As a result, the air filter should ideally be made of durable stainless steel and easily removable.




The heating plates should be cleaned every day with a damp cloth. It is important to ensure that no moisture enters the device in order to avoid possible short circuits.


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