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All at a glance
Shape Offset
Steel PURE Stahl
Scissors size 5.75"
Special features finger support surface, removable finger rest
Screw connection Turn-Stop
Left-/right-handed right
Surface polished finish
Color silver
Cutting edge / blade Slice, integrated cutting edge


Texturing Scissors TONDEO PURE INSPIRATION (34)

The texturing scissors TONDEO PURE INSPIRATION (34) in the size 5.75” stand for pure cutting and slicing pleasure. They are perfectly suited to precise and dynamic working. The outstanding grip comfort of these hairdressing scissors is a big relief for the professional hairdresser’s hand in day-to-day work in the salon. These texturing scissors are in the Premium Line, making them one of the best-quality styling tools available anywhere. You can also buy the PURE INSPIRATION from our online shop as the fitting hair scissors model.

Cutting Edge and Blade

The eroded teeth with integrated cutting edge enable sensational sharpness. The cutting edge offers maximum sustained sharpness without pushing the hair forward thanks to the high purity and hardness of the PURE steel.

Steel and Surface

The special PURE manufacturing process and 9% vanadium addition to PURE powder steel ensure extraordinary scissor sharpness and lasting cutting peformance. This keeps your premium hairdressing scissors in working perfectly for as long as possible. The high-end design is the product of the shape and the high-quality surface finishing, which features hand-polished gleaming and painstakingly applied matte effects.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

The removable finger rest and offset handle shape mean that the texturing scissors fit the hand ergonomically, ensuring a healthy and pleasant working posture. The PURE INSPIRATION (34) also has broad positioning surfaces at the handle shank and eyes. The turn-stop screw prevents excessive looseness. The finely polished special ride ensures ultra-smooth cutting action.

Products Included

Our high-quality hair scissors come with a care set for hairdressing scissors. The set includes scissor care oil for the ride. This helps you make sure the cutting action stays effortless and smooth. Also comes with a leather cloth to keep the scissors clean and in good working order. Finger inserts are included to ensure a secure grip and prevent the texturing scissors from slipping out of the user’s hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our PURE INSPIRATION (34).


  • Premium texturing scissors
  • Long-lasting sharpness and durability
  • Ergonomic offset handle shape
  • Directly from the manufacturer
»I value the PURE INSPIRATION in particular for its high level of precision and accuracy. It is ideally suited to compact and straight contours. Its gentle sharpness slides gently when slice cutting into the hair. The special feature of these scissors: due to the PURE-steel used, they remain very sharp for a long time and are very resistant to wear.«


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